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At Back in Balance, we believe in taking a personalized approach to our client's health journeys. We understand that everyone's bodies and lifestyles are unique, which is why we work with our clients to create customized plans that fit their specific needs.

Our Mission is to empower and teach people healthy habits

Back In Balance gym was founded with the purpose of helping individuals achieve their unique fitness and nutrition goals. We are driven by our values of personalization, and balance.

Denise's Story

How Denise Turned Her Health Around and Defied Diabetes

Our founder, Denise, has a personal story of struggle and transformation that motivates our team to help others achieve their own health goals.

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The Dedicated Team Behind Your Journey to Balanced Wellness

Our team consists of experienced and dedicated professionals who share a passion for providing clients with personalized care and attention to help them achieve their goals.

We believe that knowledge is power and are committed to educating our clients on safe and effective exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle habits.

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Denise's Story

For as long as she can remember, Denise struggled with her weight. As an adolescent and into her adult years, she was referred to as “chubby” or “fat.” Despite her interest in eating healthy and staying physically active, something always seemed to interrupt her routine. Life changes such as a move to a different house or starting something new impacted the time for healthy meal preparation and left little time for exercise.

Denise is a proud mother of two boys, Christopher, and Conner. During each pregnancy, she developed gestational diabetes and required self-injected insulin shots. The doctor told her that she had a 50% chance or higher of becoming diabetic by the time she was 40 years old. In her new role as a parent, one of her goals was to invest in her health, in order to have more control over her well-being and to instill these habits within her family.

In 2006 Denise took her first significant stride towards reclaiming her health by becoming a personal trainer. She became educated about safe and effective exercise, this decision marked a crucial turning point in her life, as it allowed her to understand the vital role of physical activity in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
However, Denise realized that achieving optimal health extended beyond just regular exercise. Acknowledging this, she took another bold step in 2007 by immersing herself in the world of nutrition. She pursued a formal education in the field, comprehending that food is our body’s primary fuel and understanding its intricacies could lead to better health decisions.

Today, Denise is in control of her health and lifestyle. She is not a high-risk candidate for diabetes as predicted. She is able to keep her metabolism boosted and has lots of energy. Even when her routines get interrupted, she knows how to adjust and adapt to keep up her heart health and muscle tone. Because she has invested in developing lean muscle and not depend only on cardiovascular workouts, her body can handle transitory disruptions without weight gain as she previously experienced.

Knowledge is powerful. Denise’s true passion is to share her knowledge with others to help them have control over what happens in their health situation. It is possible to reduce the risk of chronic diseases including heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes. She loves putting clients on their path to wellness and helping them achieve balance and control over their well-being.