Our unique personalized fitness training coordinates with customized nutrition and weight management plans.


Influenced by your lifestyle and health goals, each PhD-approved nutrition plan works towards your optimum health.

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Working with your starting pointing, our goal is to help you balance your life. Contact us today to begin a new you.
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About Us & What We Do

Back in Balance Fitness and Nutrition is a unique weight management gym that offers specialized personal training and customized nutrition programs. Designed by a registered dietitian, these personalized, PhD-approved programs are custom-tailored to each client’s specific needs. We work with you to develop a personalized program for the realities of your life. Influenced by lifestyle, preferences, schedules, goals and restrictions, each plan accommodates the customer’s needs and desires for optimum health. With tailored solutions for each client, we help empower them to reach their goals and to take control of their own health.

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Meet Our Team

Back in Balance Fitness and Nutrition has qualified personal trainers whose specialties include personal weight training, athletic therapy, therapeutic strength training, sports conditioning, fitness boxing, kickboxing, lean body building, and sports conditioning. We work on the foundation of mutual trust and respectful relationships with our patrons. Our gym provides an alternate fitness solution to traditional gyms via our extremely personal and customized programs. As a result, our clients are engaged, empowered, and better able to take control of their health.

Testimonials & Clients

Our methods and support actually work since our clients are not alone on their journey to better health. Everyone can succeed regardless of their personal challenges. Back In Balance is here to help you get started on a path to a balanced life.

Stephen Boyd
Lost 30 lbs

Let me start by thanking you for helping me leap into a permanent vegan diet (from vegetarian). I was able to avoid cholesterol medication because of your help and a vegan diet. This was very important to me, and you never lost sight of that fact. You were the key element in helping me achieve this goal (and losing weight) by giving me the tools I need to be a healthy vegan triathlete. Your passion for helping people is so refreshing. I considered our weekly meetings a great part of my routine. I consider you a valuable partner in my nutrition, training, and overall well-being. I can only hope many others will have the privilege of working with you. You are evidence that people do care. I am looking forward to working with you again. (July 2013 – Feb 2014)

Note: In December 2014, Stephen returned to Back in Balance to work on a nutrition program with Denise. As of May 2015, he has lost 30 pounds, preparing him for a marathon in Halifax. His next focus is getting ready for his second Ironman Triathlon in August 2015, which includes a 4 km swim, 180 km bike race, and a 42.2 km run. He is also trying to quality for the Ultraman competition, which is a 10 km swim, 425 km bike race, and an 84.4 km run. Stephen plans to swim across Lake Ontario in August 2017 for charity.

lost 60+ lbs

I made a promise to my Mom before she passed away that I would lose weight and Back In Balance helped me follow through on that promise.

Joining Back in Balance was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Denise is just wonderful. She really cares and works with you to set up a plan by taking into consideration your likes, dislikes, and your goals.

A big “thank you” to Peter my task master who got me going down the right path over my twelve weeks of training. He understood my limits and set up a program I could continue to follow on my own. Also, thanks to Gary for his support and tips along the way.

Over the past eight months I lost more weight than I thought possible (over 60 lbs in eight months).  I feel great, look better and have more energy and confidence than before.

Back in Balance is the place to be. You feel comfortable, the staff is caring, and members are friendly and non-judgemental. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner so that my Mom could see the new me, but I know that she would be proud of what I have accomplished.

I have recently moved out of town and miss everyone at Back In Balance. I hope that I can find a gym with the same atmosphere in Huntsville that I have left behind in Oshawa.

Krista K
Got back on her feet!

Before coming to Back in Balance, I was recovering from a pretty bad ankle break that occurred in February. Prior to my accident, I was an avid long distance runner and gym rat. The injury left me with many mental blocks – I told myself there was no way I could do anything more than a half hour on the elliptical a day out of fear of doing something bad to my ankle. I missed running, I hated sitting around and I needed to get back into it. Going to Back in Balance was the best decision I could have made! Denise was patient listening to my long term goals and she was able to meet me where I currently was. There are definitely no pushy sales, long term contracts or huge deposits. She matched me with an awesome trainer, Derek, who matched my energy level and helped me work through a lot of mental blocks that did not even stem from my injury (like box jumps!). I trusted Back in Balance to invest in my health and they definitely delivered more than my expectations! I definitely recommend Back in Balance to anyone – especially athletes who are looking to enhance their current work outs with some new moves to target specific muscle groups. This gym is super open and welcoming. As a woman who is often intimidated by gyms, I felt right at home! Thank you to everyone at Back in Balance for helping me get back on my feet.